Ynq: Suite for Weldon

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Ynq

Title: Suite for Weldon
Label: Stones Throw
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The late pianist Weldon Irvine, Jr. Was a formative influence on Madlib's Yesterdays New Quintet transformation. Indeed, the pianist was the first of the "jazz elders" to validate Madlib's take on jazz. When Irvine passed away, Egon took heed to Mr. Dibbs' call and assembled an EP to benefit the composer's young son. The resulting record, featuring contributions from the Breakestra, Dibbs, and a Yesterdays New Quintet suite featuring Malcolm Catto, stood as the precursor to Madlib's Tribute To Brother Weldon album, which he released under the name Monk Hughes and The Outer Realm.

1.1 Yesterday's New Quintet - 'Suite for Weldon Irvine'
1.2 Mr. Dibbs - 'Divine Spirit'
1.3 Breakestra - 'Sister Sanctified (Edit)'
1.4 Outro - Live in Nashville, April 3 1999

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