Yochk'O Seffer

Yochk'O Seffer: Adama

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yochk'O Seffer

Title: Adama
Label: Spalax

This CD includes the former 'Adama' & about half of another LP known as 'Ima'. It is the first part of a whole work entitled 'Neffesh Music'. Both LPs date back to 1976. All tracks have been carefully re-mastered & the CD includes an 8 page booklet. Yochk'o (sometimes spelled Yoschoko) Seffer is a saxophonist & clarinetist of Hungarian origin. He became well-known at the beginning of his career as a member of Magma & Zao. Spalax. 2003.

1.1 Adama
1.2 La Danse Des Ferrailleurs
1.3 Lumiere Primitive
1.4 Palocz Enekek
1.5 Polyglotte
1.6 Les Bonhommes
1.7 Trablair
1.8 Ima

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