Young, Jacob / Rothenberg, David / Camara, Sidiki

Young, Jacob / Rothenberg, David / Camara, Sidiki: They Say Humans Exist

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Title: They Say Humans Exist
Label: Oslo Session Recs

The album "They Say Humans Exist" was improvised live in the studio. The musicians are from three different continents in the world but are all part of the creative jazz and world music scene of today. This is a true crossover production. The music reflects this. "They Say Humans Exist" combines the free, lyrical and sometimes abrupt melodies of the clarinet played by David Rothenberg (USA) with the folk-like rhythms of the N'goni, Calabas, other West African percussive instruments played by Sidiki Camara (Mali), the modern day electric guitar sounds or the acoustic guitalele - a mix between the ukulele and the guitar played by Jacob Young (Norway). Join us for a meditative and hopefully a rewarding listening experience.

1.1 Supernatural Roadtrip
1.2 They Say Humans Axist
1.3 Thank You My People/Kaou Barikada
1.4 Tactile Memory
1.5 Calling People to the Music/Ayou Wele
1.6 The North/Koron Fe
1.7 Out of a Dream
1.8 Soundtrack Lost
1.9 Blood Horizon

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