Young Rochelles

Young Rochelles: The Young Rochelles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Young Rochelles

Title: The Young Rochelles
Label: Sounds Rad

Finally, THE Young Rochelles made a full-length album after releasing tons of fantastic 7"s and compilations tracks over last four years. If you're not yet familiar with this band, we suggest you listen to anyone of their several amazing EPs that have been released in the last few years, including Cannibal Island (Clearview, Eccentric Pop, Jolly Ronnie, and Mooster Records), Know the Code, and most recently, Organ Trade (Greenway Records). THE Young Rochelles' debut self-titled album features 14 blisteringly fast, catchy ear-worms that will dig into your head and take over your brain with standout songs: Coastin' Strong and Return of the Skunk Ape. The songs are catchy, snotty, and poppy with lyrical content that can best be described as... well they ain't no Shakespeare, but if you like horror, moms, girls, and the Ramones you'll get it. Got it? Good."The most important ingredient in making solid pop-punk music, is finding the right blend of chemistry in the band to convey the sense of having a good time with the music. THE Young Rochelles do just that." - 53rd and 3rd Zine" THE Young Rochelles are about to become your new favorite band." - Read Junk

1.1 I Never Saw the Ramones
1.2 Don't Let It Last
1.3 Return of the Skunk Ape
1.4 Monster in My Hallway
1.5 The World Will Swallow You Whole
1.6 Coffee in the Dog Dish
1.7 No More Fights
1.8 She's Always Glowin'
1.9 You're Tops
1.10 My Stomach Hates My Guts
1.11 Caught You in a Lie
1.12 Mental Vacation
1.13 Coastin' Strong
1.14 Last Love Letter

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