Yourcodenameis: Milo

Yourcodenameis: Milo: They Came from the Sun

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Artist: Yourcodenameis: Milo
Title: They Came from the Sun

2007 album from the British Alterna-Rockers, the follow-up to Print Is Dead, their album of collaborations with other UK Rock and Pop artists that was released in 2006. Produced by guitarist Justin Lockey, They Came from the Sun roars with glorious melodies, from the galloping surf-rock of 'Understand' to 'I'm Impressed's dirty groove and the brave, throbbing electronica that sears through 'About Leaving'. Hand in hand with this faith in song is a rediscovered love of classic rock: listen how 'Pacific Theatre' kick-starts the album with raging bull velocity in a furious blur of denim 'n' leather. Just as effective on the heart as the head, it's a record whose skyward ambition is in full throttle from the title up. V2.

1.1 Pacific Theatre
1.2 All That Was Missing
1.3 Understand
1.4 I'm Impressed
1.5 About Leaving
1.6 Sixfive
1.7 Translate
1.8 Evening
1.9 Take to the Floor
1.10 To the Cars
1.11 Screaming Ground
1.12 Dicta Boelcke

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