Youth Code

Youth Code: An Overture: Collection

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Artist: Youth Code

Artist: Youth Code
Title: An Overture: Collection

A retrospective collection of Los Angeles industrial act, Youth Code, comprising of their 2013 debut LP on Dais Records, four songs from their Dais EP "A Place to Stand," as well as the band's original, our of print demo tracks from their 7" on Angry Love Productions. 16 tracks in total, comes housed in a matte cardstock digipack.

1.1 Consuming Guilt
1.2 To Burn Your World
1.3 For I Am Cursed
1.4 A Litany (A Place to Stand)
1.5 Let the Sky Burn
1.6 First ; Last
1.7 Carried Mask
1.8 Destroy Said She
1.9 Rest in Piss
1.10 What Is the Answer
1.11 No Animal Escapes
1.12 Distorted Views
1.13 Sick Skinned
1.14 Wear the Wounds
1.15 Tiger's Remorse
1.16 Keep Falling Apart

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