Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon: Wondrous Bughouse

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Artist: Youth Lagoon

Artist: Youth Lagoon
Title: Wondrous Bughouse
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2013 sophomore album from Boise native Trevor Powers AKA Youth Lagoon. Wondrous Bughous is the follow-up to his widely acclaimed 2011 release the Year of Hibernation. Powers says this album spawned from what he describes as becoming more 'fascinated by the human psyche and where the spiritual world meets the physical world.' Powers describes the writing process of his first album as a way for his mind to communicate with his body, not the other way around. It seems the same can be said for Wondrous Bughouse.

1.1 Through Mind and Back
1.2 Mute
1.3 Attic Doctor
1.4 The Bath
1.5 Pelican Man
1.6 Dropla
1.7 Sleep Paralysis
1.8 Third Dystopia
1.9 Raspberry Cane
1.10 Daisyphobia

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