Ysaye, E. / Ibragimova, Alina

Ysaye, E. / Ibragimova, Alina: Sonatas for Solo Violin Nos.1-6

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Title: Sonatas for Solo Violin Nos.1-6
Label: Hyperion

Ysaye's Sonatas for solo violin were sketched out in a fevered twenty-four hours during the summer of 1923, a response to the question of why - in over two hundred years - no one had attempted to follow the path forged by Johann Sebastian Bach. Each of these six new Sonatas is dedicated to and customized around the playing style of a contemporary violinist, and as such they present formidable challenges. Russian virtuoso Alina Ibragimova, whose earlier recording of the Bach Sonatas & Partitas was revelatory, turns out performances fully worthy of this distinguished ancestry.

1.1 Grave: Lento Assai
1.2 Fugato: Molto Moderato
1.3 Allegretto Poco Scherzoso: Amabile
1.4 Finale Con Brio: Allegro Fermo
1.5 Obsession, 'Prélude': Poco Vivace
1.6 Malinconia: Poco Lento
1.7 Danse Des Ombres, 'Sarabande': Lento
1.8 Les Furies: Allegro Furioso
1.9 Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Op. 27, No. 3, 'Ballade'
1.10 Allemanda: Lento Maestoso
1.11 Sarabande: Quasi Lento
1.12 Finale: Presto Ma Non Troppo
1.13 L'aurore: Lento Assai
1.14 Danse Rustique: Allegro Giocoso Molto Moderato - Moderato Amabile - Tempo Primo - Poco Piu Mosso
1.15 Sonata No. 6 in E Major, Op. 27, No. 6

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