Zani / Neudauer / Rummel

Zani / Neudauer / Rummel: Andrea Zani: Divertimenti for Violin & Cello

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Title: Andrea Zani: Divertimenti for Violin & Cello
Label: Capriccio

With great likelihood these twelve duos for violin and cello composed in 1734 are the earliest works with this instrumentation in which the violin and cello parts enjoy equal rights. The fact that Andrea Zani is largely forgotten today is probably due to the circumstances that saw the bulk of his music tucked away and preserved in handwritten form in different monastery and palace libraries throughout Europe and thus, rarely recorded. With these duos, featuring the fine playing of Lena Neudauer, violin and Martin Rummel, cello we can experience this nascent and minimal form of chamber music that Zani authored and hope more of his compositions will be brought to light along with the recent release of his cello concertos (Capriccio CD C5145).

1.1 I. Allegro
1.2 II. Larghetto
1.3 III. Allegro Assai
1.4 I. Allegro
1.5 II. Adagio
1.6 III. Allegro
1.7 I. Allegro Ma Non Tanto
1.8 II. Largo
1.9 III. Allegro
1.10 I. Allegro
1.11 II. Andante
1.12 III. Allegro Assai
1.13 I. Allegro
1.14 II. Siciliana. Cantabile
1.15 III. Allegro
1.16 I. Non Tanto Allegro
1.17 II. Larghetto
1.18 III. Allegro
2.1 I. Allegro Assai
2.2 II. Largo
2.3 III. Vivace
2.4 I. Allegro
2.5 II. Adagio
2.6 III. Allegro
2.7 I. Allegro
2.8 II. Adagio
2.9 III. Allegro
2.10 I. Allegro Assai
2.11 II. Largo
2.12 III. Con Spirito
2.13 I. Allegro
2.14 II. Andante
2.15 III. Vivace
2.16 I. Allegro
2.17 II. Largo
2.18 III. Allegro Ma Non Tanto

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