Zenger / Duo Asap / Hunstein

Zenger / Duo Asap / Hunstein: Dialoge

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Product Type: CD

Title: Dialoge
Label: Tyxart

An internationally awarded ensemble, the violinists Almuth Siegel and Ágnes Pusker (Duo ASAP) create a diverse program around the motto "dialogues". With "passion, temperament and witty playfulness" (Newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung") they present works from four centuries including world premiere recordings. The joy of playing music is felt throughout-inviting the listener to indulge in diverse musical tête- à-têtes. Buchenberg's "Saitentänze" are a tribute to the Duo's love of nature. The musical depictions of dancing elves, fairies, and "wild women" have thrilled the audiences during many a "forest concert" of the Duo ASAP. A dialogue between music and language arises with Hiller's work "Metamorphoses" (incl. Hans-Christian Andersen, Rainer Maria Rilke, Michael Krüger etc.), when the actor Stefan Hunstein recites the integrated poems with sensitivity and gripping suggestiveness within the context of violin music.

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