Zhu Xiao-Lin

Zhu Xiao-Lin: Spirit of the Chinese Drum

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Zhu Xiao-Lin

Title: Spirit of the Chinese Drum
Label: Silverwolf

Chinese percussion master Zhu Xiao-Lin is unique in regard to his approach to many drums, worldwide. He brings the percussion of many nations to bear in his interpretation of the Chinese drums. This 2 CD set features many of the master's own compositions.

1.1 Scenery with Leaf-Falling
1.2 Listen to Rhythm of Rain
1.3 Sounds of Bell ; Drum from Temple
1.4 The Ice Lantern Festival
1.5 The Divine Horse
1.6 Altered Performing of Drum
1.7 Spirit of the Drum
1.8 Dancing Melody for Worshipping Confucius
1.9 Bell Hymns
1.10 Ancient Tune of Chiu-Tzu
1.11 Peacock Dance
1.12 Mei Hua San Lung
1.13 Fan Dance
1.14 Court Music of Ching Dynasty
1.15 Yeh-Shen-Chen
1.16 Chiang Chun Ling
1.17 The Songs of the Fisherman
2.11 The Songs of the Fisherman

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