Ziehrer / Leyer / Wdr Rundfunkchor Koln

Ziehrer / Leyer / Wdr Rundfunkchor Koln: Ziehrer: Die Landstreicher

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Title: Ziehrer: Die Landstreicher
Label: Capriccio

In the field of entertainment music, Ziehrer's name was soon a quality brand in Vienna, especially as Carl Haslinger, Johann Strauss Jr.'s publisher, provided him with valuable assistance. Unlike Strauss, Ziehrer came from the piano, so he was not a standing leading violinist, but availed himself of a baton. He wrote countless orchestral compositions, above all waltzes, but also marches and polkas, including many that would be termed 'hits' today, as well as more than twenty stage works. Most of these operettas are almost forgotten today, and merely Die Landstreicher (1899) comes to mind. It is a merry and graceful work in a popular tone and with a slightly sentimental mood. This recording is another jewel for the Capriccio Operetta Edition who takes care of these unjustly forgotten composers and pieces.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Prologue: Mein Fraulein, Ihr Vergehen
1.3 Prologue: Marsch Herein
1.4 Prologue: Wir Empfehlen Uns Herr Richter
1.5 Prologue: Wie War Entzuckt Ich
1.6 Prologue: Was Treiben Sie
1.7 Act I: Weit Hint' Steht Am Bach
1.8 Act I: Ein Hoch Dem Edlen Furstenpaar
1.9 Act I: Das Ist Der Zauber Der Montur
1.10 Act I: Der Soldat Muss Stets Marschieren
1.11 Act I: Schon Naht Heran Nun Zur Schonen Feier
1.12 Act I: Sei Gepriesen Du Lauschige Nacht
1.13 Act I: Halt Da! Der Herr Wird Arretiert
1.14 Act II: Prelude
1.15 Act II: Auf Der Sierra
1.16 Act II: Wir Kommen Aus Marokko
1.17 Act II: Dunn, Dunn Ist Die Leopoldin
1.18 Act II: Nun Denn Wohlan
1.19 Act II: Mit Musik Man Zum Himmel Entschwebt

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