Zs: Xe

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Artist: Zs

Artist: Zs
Title: Xe

Zs is devoid of genre and unclassifiable. Since 2000, founder Sam Hillmer has remained it's purveying constant, and with the addition of loose-limbed, meditative percussionist Greg Fox (Liturgy, Guardian Alien, Man Forever), and virtuosic avant-classical guitarist and composer Patrick Higgins, the band has found it's epochal lineup. The trio's vision is crystallized on XE, Zs' first full-length featuring the new trio, and first proper since 2010's critically acclaimed NEW SLAVES. Hillmer, Fox and Higgins - three supremely heavy sages who exchange their pulsating phraseology with a mind-blowingly telepathic bent - in one room, nailing XE in one miraculous live take, manned by Higgins and noted A-list producer Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Mick Jagger) at the boards in Hudson, New York's Future-Past Studios.

1.1 The Future of Royalty
1.2 Wolf Government
1.3 Corps
1.4 Weakling
1.5 Xe

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