Zu: Terminalia Amazonia

Zu: Terminalia Amazonia
Title: Terminalia Amazonia
Label: House of Mythology
Product Type: VINYL LP

Terminalia Amazonia is a new, subdued and momentous installment of Zu. The sound of a long, slow journey in pursuit of a moment. For the past four years the band's members have regularly visited an indigenous village on the Ucayali River close to the border between Peru and Brazil. They've immersed themselves in the local Shipibo-Conibo culture's ancient knowledge, teachings and rituals, some of which stretch back millennia. Zu's work started as a series of nightly field recordings of the culture's ceremonial healing songs, known as Icaros. Playing only vintage analogue synthesizers, Zu project dense, spectral layers of sound through damp rainforest atmosphere, weaving through sheltered gulleys and out into open glades, mottled with streaks of scattered light. Spontaneous and elaborate, grounded and transformative, the sound conveys it's shamanic intent, so immersing the listeners in the present moment that their surroundings will melt away.

1.1 Porta Arborea
1.2 Memoria Antica
1.3 Dimora Ancestrale
1.4 Futuro Remoto

Zu: Terminalia Amazonia

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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