Zucchero: Live In Italy

Zucchero: Live In Italy
Title: Live In Italy
Label: Verve Forecast

Zucchero is the biggest pop star to come out of Italy, having sold over 25 million albums world wide since his debut in 1983. His superstar collaborators have included: Miles Davis, Elvis Costello, Sting, Bono, Sheryl Crow and Luciano Pavarotti LIVE IN ITALY is Zucchero's first full concert album and DVD. Features: CD (17 TRACKS) & DVD (OVER 2 HOURS OF FOOTAGE) packaged together in a brilliant box recorded live on 2007/ 2008 world tour.

1.1 Dune Mosse
1.2 Occhi
1.3 Quanti Anni Ho
1.4 Bacco Perbacco
1.5 Un Kilo
1.6 Cuba Libre
1.7 L' Amore E' Nell'aria
1.8 Il Volo
1.9 Diamante
1.10 Cosi' Celeste
1.11 Baila [Sexy Thing]
1.12 Overdose [D'amore]
1.13 Il Mare Impetuoso Al Tramonto
1.14 It's All Right (La Promessa)
1.15 Indaco Dagli Occhi Del Cielo
1.16 Nel Cosi' Blu
1.17 Diavolo in Me
2.1 Dune Mosse [DVD]
2.2 Occhi [DVD]
2.3 Quanti Anni Ho [DVD]
2.4 Bacco Perbacco [DVD]
2.5 Un Kilo [DVD]
2.6 Cuba Libre [DVD]
2.7 L' Amore E' Nell'aria [DVD]
2.8 Il Volo [DVD]
2.9 Diamante [DVD]
2.10 Cosi' Celeste [DVD]
2.11 Baila [Sexy Thing][Multimedia Track]
2.12 Overdoes [DVD]
2.13 Il Mare Impetuoso Al Tramonto... [DVD]
2.14 It's All Right [La Promessa]
2.15 Indaco Dagli Occhi Del Cielo [DVD]
2.16 Nel Cosi' Blu [DVD]
2.17 E' Delicato [DVD]
2.18 A Wonderful World [DVD]
2.19 L' Urlo [DVD]
2.20 Con Le Mani [DVD]
2.21 Solo Una Sana E Consapevole Libidine... [DVD]
2.22 Diavolo in Me [DVD]
2.23 Senza Una Donna [DVD]
2.24 Madre Dolcissima [DVD]
2.25 You Are So Beautiful [DVD]
2.26 Wonderful Life [DVD]
2.27 Miserere [DVD]

Zucchero: Live In Italy

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